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Our Story

Kids have it hard.  With the pressure from school, college, and additional responsibilities, teenagers have it even harder.  At the time I was meeting with a  college advisor, it seemed everyone around me was struggling with something; friendships, school, personal identity, family, isolation, even depression.  So many people were unhappy, instead of making these the best years of our lives. Many even cut or were suicidal.  I wanted to make a difference and leverage my passion to help.  I contacted one of my closest friends.  Emmie's compassion, empathy and kindness truly inspire me, which is why I wanted to create something that would give hope, connection, and meaning to positively inspire others, and show everyone that life is truly the most precious gift of all.  And so our cause, Choice, was born.




Choice Bracelets will be donating 50% of all net proceeds to a wide variety of charities that support teen who suffer. We will be simultaneously donating to charities that support teens with anxiety, depression, food disorders and more. Coming soon will be a list of charities that we have donated to and support our mission. If you have any suggestions of a charity that is important to you, feel free to email us! The guiding mission of Choice Bracelets is to give you the choice to make a difference in the charities you support. 



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